IIoT Capable Gas and Flame Detection

Safeguard Analytics manufactures high quality industrial grade gas detection sensors and safety control systems. Our team of scientists, engineers and marketing professionals have years of experience in the global gas detection market creating innovative and distinctive products. With a “Keep It Simple & Safe” approach, our sensor and safety control products deliver safe and reliable solutions for virtually any industrial application.

Safety Control Systems

Safeguard Analytics Safety Control Systems represent a higher level of safety and reliability utilizing dual redundant processors as a standard control platform. Three variations are used to create different control products designed to meet a wide range of “Detect” – “Alarm” – “Notify” gas and flame detection applications.

Input Output Modules

Connection to Safeguard Analytics safety control systems is via addressable and distributable Input and Output Modules . Modules are available in 4-channel and 8-channel packages supporting maximum hardware efficiency and versatility when upgrading existing installations or when installing new gas and flame detection projects.

Gas Detection Sensors

Safeguard Analytics Model Series SA-100 Gas Detection Sensors are available to detect a wide range of hazardous gases in ambient air. Utilizing conventional sensor technology to detect combustible, toxic and oxygen gas concentrations, Model SA-100 sensors are a simple and reliable solution to improve worker and plant safety at all levels.


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