DCX-600 Safety Control System

Model DCX-600

64 Inputs – 64 Relay Outputs

Model DCX-600 is a safety control system designed specifically for gas and flame “Detect – Alarm- Notify” applications.

The controller is equipped with dual redundant CPUs configured to increase availability of the safety system. In operation, both CPUs are connected to a local CAN bus data processing network (Safeguard LPN). Each CPU is capable of supervising and processing data from up to 64 field devices. CPU-1 is the designated leader while CPU-2 is on standby ready to take over processing tasks in the event CPU-1 fails. The design supports dual and triple redundant controller options further increasing availability of the safety system. Connection to the network is via addressable integration modules or individually addressable field devices. Input and Output integration modules are available in 4-channel and 8 channel packages and include 4-20 maDC inputs, digital inputs and alarm relay outputs. System wide response time is typically less than 2 seconds.

Model DCX-600 features a sunlight readable color touchscreen that continuously displays the status of field devices and alarm conditions. Screen formats include a facility home page with up to 16 site zones, zone screens with up to 8 field devices per zone, and single device screens. Zone and device location tags make it easy to identify alarm sources creating a quicker and more precise contingent action response. Additional screens may be selected to display historical data including scalable device trends, calibration records and alarm events. In addition to the built-in color graphic display the system features a web based application creating several local and remote access options.


  • 7" or 10” Sunlight Readable Color Touch Screen
  • 64 Analog or Digital Inputs
  • 64 Programmable Alarm Relays
  • Dual Redundant CPUs
  • Dual – Triple Redundant Controller Options
  • Calibration and Alarm Event Logs up to 5 Years
  • Web Server Remote Access
  • Export Logged Data via USB or WEB
  • Import-Export Configuration via USB or WEB
  • Email, SMS and Push Notifications
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