Model Series SA-100

Gas Detection Sensors

Safeguard Analytics Model SA-100 gas detection sensors are designed to detect and monitor a wide range of combustible gases, select toxic gases and oxygen concentrations in ambient air. Utilizing conventional sensor technology, the sensors represent a simple and economical solution to a safer working environment across a wide range of industrial applications. Each sensor assembly consists of a specific detector type, signal conditioning circuitry and a built-in high intensity LED HMI. Operator interface is via a small handheld magnet or through an embedded Bluetooth app and a handheld mobile device.


  • High Visibility LED HMI
  • One Man Non-Intrusive Calibration
  • Interface via Small Magnet or Bluetooth App
  • Typical Calibration Interval 6-12 months
  • 4-20 mA DC Output
  • Global Certifications Pending (CSA-ATEX-IECex)

Catalytic Bead

Combustible Gas Detection


Toxic Gas & O2 Detection


Hydrocarbon & CO2

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