Elevate the level of safety & reliability in fixed point gas detection installations by combining continuous supervision of the sensor and associated circuits then add analysis of performance data during routine calibration.

OpCheck is a software application developed specifically to create a high level of safety and reliability in Safeguard Analytics gas detection sensors. That is accomplished by combining continuous supervision of the gas sensor element and associated circuits then adding analysis of performance data during routine calibration. OpCheck is a standard feature in every Safeguard Analytics gas detection sensor and transmitter. Using a Bluetooth® connection between the sensor and a phone or tablet, critical data is downloaded and stored in the handheld. Service and calibration reports in single device or multi-device formats can be uploaded or emailed to a cloud or to a central database. The application can be installed in and used with Android devices.

Fault Supervision

Sensor performance

calibration records


Advanced Diagnostics

Continuous Fault Supervision

Continuous Fault Supervision


Sensor Performance Details

Sensor Performance Details

Field Service Reports

Calibration and Field Service data is date time stamped and recorded by device type, serial number, device tag, customer location and by service technician. Data is automatically recorded and stored providing a history of maintenance and safety performance compiled in a PDF format. Service records and device performance can be uploaded to a central data bases or emailed to selected recipients.

User Management


Capable of managing user accounts and viewing technician OpCheck and Service records for users assigned to their account.


Basic user capable of creating and viewing OpCheck and Service records specific to the handheld being used.

Web Portal