Model SA-xES

Multi-Sensor Air Pollution Extractive Sampling Systems


Model SA-XES gas detection systems use an extractive sampling pump to deliver an air and gas sample to one or more gas sensors in sample flow cells mounted in the system enclosure. Gas type and detection range are determined by installing selected Safeguard Analytics Model SA1 smart sensor modules. System capacity can be specified for 1 to 4 dual sensor modules creating up to 8 different active gas sensors. Smart sensor options include combustible gases, toxic gases, oxygen deficiency and volatile organic compounds. The system is modular and features a color graphic display that serves as a MODBUS master, internally mounted sensor flow cells, a “Smart Pump” assembly and an integration connector board for connecting external meteorological devices. System output is MODBUS RTU 9600 bps. Smart sensor modules can be pre-calibrated using a portable calibration kit or calibrated in situ using demand flow regulators and applicable span gas sources. The system is packaged in a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure suitable for installation in outdoor non-hazardous locations. Power options are 10-30 VDC or 90-240 VAC.

Data Logger

Model SA-XES gas detection systems feature an internal data logging function capable of storing real time readings for up to 30 days based on a data capture rate of one minute. In addition to storing date time stamped real time readings the calibration and alarm events are stored for access as needed. Logged data is stored in the system controller and accessed through the MODBUS output.

Model SA1 Smart Sensor Modules

Model SA1 smart sensor modules are designed to detect and monitor various gases in ambient air. The modules consist of a target specific gas detection sensor and a microprocessor-based signal conditioning circuit. Both are housed in a metallic enclosure fitted with gold plated connecting pins. The “Smart Sensor Module” is factory programmed for a specific gas and range of sensitivity. On power up the gas type, measurement range and previous zero and span calibration data points are read by the control system facilitating a fully automated startup. The modules can be used with any of Safeguard Analytics gas detection systems and control transmitters.