Model SA-4N4

Gas Detection System


The SA-4N4 gas detection systems have been engineered for the purpose of detecting and monitoring various gases such as toxic, oxygen, and combustible gases within the surrounding air. These sensors utilize diffusion-based sampling methods. The design incorporates a comprehensive array of sensor technologies, including electrochemical sensors, photoionization detectors, non-dispersed infrared sensors, and a multi-spectrum combustible gas detection sensor. The specific gas to be detected is determined by installing a chosen Model SA1 smart sensor module. Each sensor module retains information about the gas type, sensitivity range, default alarm levels as well as the most recent zero and span calibration data points.

All electronic components are housed within a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure, making it suitable for installation in non hazardous locations. The SA-4N4 gas detectors offer a user-friendly calibration process, which can be accomplished non intrusively using a small magnet or an Android™ phone or tablet along with the Safeguard OpCheck application. The color graphic display simplifies the user interface, providing real-time readings and full script service instructions. The device’s status is easily discerned through screen colors, with green indicating normal operation (no alarm), yellow signifying an alarm at level 1, red indicating an alarm at level 2, and blue denoting a fault condition.

Diffusion Dual Sensor Module

Model SA-4N4 incorporates two field serviceable dual sensor module allowing for easy autoconfiguration with up to four interchangeable SA1 smart sensors.

Model SA1 Smart Sensor Modules

Model SA1 smart sensor modules are designed to detect and monitor various gases in ambient air. The modules consist of a target specific gas detection sensor and a microprocessor-based signal conditioning circuit. Both are housed in a metallic enclosure fitted with gold plated connecting pins. The “Smart Sensor Module” is factory programmed for a specific gas and range of sensitivity. On power up the gas type, measurement range and previous zero and span calibration data points are read by the control system facilitating a fully automated startup. The modules can be used with any of Safeguard Analytics gas detection systems and control transmitters.